Top 10 Hot Hollywood Legs

Being that it’s summer I am reminded that I have leg envy, and that I NEED to make it over to the gym! My leg inspirations are what I deem the 10 pairs of hottest legs in HOLLYWOOD! Check them out!

Hot Hollywood Legs #1: Carrie Underwood looks amazing in this boatneck sequin mini dress

Hot Hollywood Legs #2: Marissa Miller rocking her beautiful legs at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show

Hot Hollywood Legs #3: Julianne Hough in a white mini dress with her amazing dancer legs!

Hot Hollywood Legs #4: Fergie looking fabulous and showing off her hot legs at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in 2009

Hot Hollywood Legs #5 & 6: Kim and Kourtney Kardashian looking glam in their mini dresses and sporting their hot hollywood legs!

Hot Hollywood Legs #7: Jennifer Lopez looks stunning at the Grammys in a sequin mini dress and studded heels – showcasing her hot legs

Hot Hollywood Legs #8: Heidi Klum shows off her rockin body in this black mini dress featuring her oh-so-sexy model legs

Hot Hollywood Legs #9: Halle Berry looks sultry in a gold sequin mini dress – which shows off her amazing Bond Girl Legs!!

Hot Hollywood Legs #10: Vanessa Minnillo Lachey looks simply beautiful in shorts and a blazer and those nicely sculpted legs!


Jennifer Lopez Dazzles in Glamour UK – Sailor Time!

In the June 2012 issue of Glamour UK Jennifer Lopez dazzles in her sailor-inspired attire and sexy, chunky jewels! I love everything about sailor-inspired outfits and this one definitely caught my eye. The red bustier and blue sailor pants compliment each other so well, AND the gold accessories drive it home for me! You can’t go wrong with a chunky, nautical necklace – I LOVE IT!

In these photos she literally oozes confidence and sex appeal. I hope you are as inspired by this photo shoot as I am! Go J Lo!

Jennifer Lopez in Glamour UK, June 2012

Jennifer Lopez Dazzles in Glamour UK