Our Flocked Christmas Tree and Holiday Decor

Welcome to my home! This is our second year doing a flocked Christmas tree and I swear we’ll never go back. I love the feeling of Winter and snow in our home! I toned down our ornaments and stuck with just a few basics – gold glittered stars, gold glittered pine cones and some white snowflake ornaments. Since we do have little ones I let them decorate the tree first and then a few days later I went to town and took everything down and redid the tree! The good news is… they’re too young to notice I even swapped them out! I doubt I’ll be able to get away with that next year.

Last week I featured a DIY Gold Glittered Pinecone craft that I did. I decided to apply that same look to some old wood stars that I had – check out the ornaments below! Anyway, in last week’s post you will also be able to see the holiday display that I have on the other side of my living room. Check it out!

Flocked Christmas Tree - Christmas Decor

I have seen a lot of cute white stockings with monograms this year, and I was tempted to buy new ones, BUT I stuck with our red and blue crystal monogram stockings we have been using for a couple years now. Also, since I decided to keep the bright ornaments off the tree this year, I did use them on display on our coffee table in a leaf bowl. They look super festive and bring some color to the room.

Flocked Christmas Tree & Gold Star Topper

Flocked Christmas Tree - White Christmas

The mini glittered pinecones I found at Michael’s.

Gold Glitter Star Ornament on Flocked Christmas Tree

And this is one of my old star ornaments that I glittered out just like I did the pinecones. The white and gold play off each other so well! I couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out.

A Little Christmas Inspiration!

I love December! Everyone seems so happy and in the holiday spirit, my kids love the house all decorated and I just love the beauty of it all – trees, lights, the smell of peppermint, family time, lit fireplace, hot chocolate, and sparkly ornaments! Here are a few of my Christmas inspirations for this year!

I love the idea that December is so dreamy and has the power to make people so happy! What a great quote this is!

Not only is this Christmas tree pretty, but I love the DIY garland! Check out the DIY tutorial from The TomKat Studio

My family officially does flocked Christmas trees now!! This is not our tree, but this truly shows the beauty of a white Christmas tree – feels like snow is in the air! I also love the gold chair, sequin pillow and white Moroccan pouf!

Pretty Christmas window display – the ornaments hanging from the rod are so creative, and I love the gingerbread houses as well! So cute!

Love the pure white look of the mantle, stockings and trees! 

This wreath totally pops against the red door – I love the use of fresh apples and acorns. This is super creative and pretty! 

This wall and floating shelf looks so rich with Christmas decor – I love the use of ornaments hung on the wall, gold tones and glass accents!! Beautiful!