Sexy Celebrity Halloween Costumes

As Halloween quickly approaches I have been thinking about all the fun parties that will start to take place…. so I thought it would be fun to highlight some of my favorite SEXY celebrity Halloween costumes!! Enjoy!

Kim Kardashian as a Sexy Poison Ivy

Miranda Kerr as a Sexy Ringmaster

Kendra Wilkinson as a Sexy Casino Girl

Alyssa Milano as a Sexy Butterfly

JWoww as a Sexy School Girl

50 Shades of Ombre

Awhile back I featured a two-part series on the ombre craze: Part 1 was ombre hair and Part 2 was ombre lifestyle. Since then I have come across so many more fabulous ombre inspirations, and I have to share them!! Enjoy some of my favorite heads of hair, home decor shots and floral arrangements!!

Miley Cyrus Bob Cut Ombre Hair

Drew Barrymore Ombre Hair

Hillary Duff Curly Ombre Hair

Lauren Conrad Ombre Hair

Khloe Kardashian Ombre Hair

Sarah Jessica Parker Curly Ombre Hair

Ombre Maxi Dress on the Runway

Ombre Mini Dress

Ombre Living Room with Purples and Grays

Ombre Dining Room with Emerald Green

50 Shades of Ombre Library

Pink Ombre Wedding Invitation with Calligraphy

Ombre Theme Wedding Shower or Baby Shower Sweets Table

Pink Ombre Wedding Cake with Rosettes


Ombre Macaroon Sweets Table

Ombre Bride’s Bouquet

Ombre Floral Centerpiece – Pink and Gold Wedding Reception Centerpiece

Sailor Made

I love sailor inspired looks, especially the one I featured awhile back on Jennifer Lopez on the cover of Glamour UK. She looked amazing decked out in her sailor suit! A fun part about dressing like a sailor is you get to incorporate anchor jewelry.

Nautical inspired outfits and party themes put a great twist on style and decor. Here are my sailor inspirations for the week – enjoy!

Victoria’s Secret Sailor Inspired Swimsuit

Gold Nautical Anchor Ring

Vintage Sailor Style

Nautical Wedding Theme – Table Number

Sailor Wall Art -  Anchor

Nautical Sailor Nails