Big Sexy Hair – Kim Kardashian

My latest hair picks have all been short and sexy looks, but I will admit I do have a thing for big sexy hair!! Long luscious locks can give you instant sex appeal! Duh, Kim Kardashian! She is the queen of big sexy hair, so it’s so easy to find A LOT of great looks. Here are a few of my favorite Kim Kardashian hairstyles. AND…. If you want to see more of my favorite Sexy Hairstyles then check out my Pinterest Hair board or follow me on Pinterest!

Kim Kardashian Big Sexy Hair - Wavy

Kim Kardashian is the Queen of Big Sexy Hair. She looks amazing in this gold dress with plunging neckline by Kaufman Fanco, AND gorgeous hair. She could not have looked more glam at the Grammys!

Kim Kardashian Blonde Long Hair

Kim Kardashian with Long Blonde Hair – I Love this Color on Her!

Kim Kardashian Long Wavy Hair

Kim Kardashian Long Sexy Hair - Great Day-to-Day Look

Kim Kardashian Hair in Bun

Kim Kardashian Hair in a Bun – that Bun is Perfection! She Looks so Flawless

Kim Kardashian Hair Updo

Kim Kardashian Updo – this is a Great Bridal Hair Look

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