Flower Remix

Flowers hold the power! They can dress up any room, brighten anyone’s day, smell so darn good, AND add visual pleasure to any wardrobe! These days fashion addicts are turning to flowers to brighten more than just their homes – they want to express their girly side with floral print clothes, shoes, and accessories. See how you can mix-up your wardrobe and add some flare with a few floral pieces! Also, do enjoy my added floral inspirations – from bathrooms to wedding receptions.

Olivia Palermo mixing prints with her floral print pants and leopard print heels

Brooklyn Decker in a Floral Print Skirt and Vanessa Hudgens in a bohemian style floral print dress

Jessica Alba in Floral Print Pants and Leather Jacket

Dulce Candy in Black and White Floral Print Pants

Flower Print Ruffle Back Dress, Flower Print Heels, Flower Print Heels

Clusters of Flowers in Vintage Vases

Flowers in Mason Jars

Bathroom Decor with Flowers and Jewelry

Coffee Table Flowers

Bride’s Bouquet of Flowers

Modern Centerpiece Flower Arrangement at Wedding Reception

Jennifer Lopez Dazzles in Glamour UK – Sailor Time!

In the June 2012 issue of Glamour UK Jennifer Lopez dazzles in her sailor-inspired attire and sexy, chunky jewels! I love everything about sailor-inspired outfits and this one definitely caught my eye. The red bustier and blue sailor pants compliment each other so well, AND the gold accessories drive it home for me! You can’t go wrong with a chunky, nautical necklace – I LOVE IT!

In these photos she literally oozes confidence and sex appeal. I hope you are as inspired by this photo shoot as I am! Go J Lo!

Jennifer Lopez in Glamour UK, June 2012

Jennifer Lopez Dazzles in Glamour UK